Business Strategy

sport-tools-webWhether you are a small or larger business, starting out, discussing expansion or thinking about your exit, it is likely that you will need a plan.  This plan sets out where you want to go and how you are going to get there, taking into account the changing behaviour of your customers, developments in your market and the capabilities of your business.

Our clients include serious start-up businesses and larger, well established businesses with a global client base.  We help them create realistic business or marketing plans and often provided support with implementation.

Our services include:

  • reviewing the success of your current activities;
  • researching the changing behaviour of your customers;
  • researching your market to identify opportunities and key developments;
  • objective assessment of the capabilities of your business;
  • establishing the short and medium term objectives of the owner(s);
  • developing a flexible business strategy or marketing strategy to achieve the objectives;
  • creating a practical plan which sets out the steps needed to implement the strategy;
  • project managing the implementation of a business and/or set targets and budgets;
  • assisting with negotiating a merger, acquisition or joint venture;
  • obtaining funding through banks or peer-to-peer networks such as Funding Circle;
  • facilitating discussions on key topics such as Disruptive Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategy (for more information please select appropriate option from the drop down menu).

These services can be delivered as standalone projects to provide a short term boost, or on an ongoing basis effectively becoming an extension of your management team.

Please contact René Moolenaar for more information, or to discuss your particular challenge.

Our accounts have been handled by Prism Group since 2003, and we were attracted to their other services such as management advice and marketing.  Part of this service is a periodic meeting to discuss the company.  Although the agenda is quite formal, with finance & accounts, reviewing monthly performance and specific jobs all being discussed, it has become essential for ourselves as it gives us an opportunity to get away from the daily running of the business and take on objective views.  René has always been excellent at looking at our business externally.  He’s invaluable as somebody who’s keyed in to what we do and is not blindly optimistic about our forecasts.  His hands on approach is a breath of fresh air compared to a previous consultant we worked with, who did what was expected of him but never enriched our understanding of our business in the manner René has.”
Owner, Benchworks