Sally Gardner – Director

Sally Gardner

Sally is Chartered Accountant who has worked in practice in mid-Sussex for over ten years as a founding director of Prism Group.  She initially trained with Price Waterhouse in London in their audit department (qualifying in 1990) and broadened her experience by working overseas in Milan and Gabon and then back in London, frequently working in Paris.

Sally has always been keen to work with smaller entrepreneurial businesses, hence after a spell of working in two start-up companies, joined a local practice in 2001.  She enjoys the variety of businesses she works with and in particular likes to develop working relationships with the business owners, meeting them regularly, going through the performance of the business and advising on financial and tax planning matters.

Sally’s experience includes clients in many sectors including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, distribution and consultancy.  She has also worked very closely with certain Charities (both as Trustee and as independent consultant) over a period spanning many years.

Sally enjoys dog walking in the countryside, road cycling and performing arts (the latter two mainly as a spectator!)

We originally came to Prism in 2006 as we knew they were knowledgeable in the software we had been using.  We have undergone many changes since then, including a change in management, new accounting staff, new software and more recently the acquisition of a new business.  In addition to providing accounting and payroll services, Sally and her team have been closely involved in all of these other activities and she attends monthly meetings with us covering management accounts, financial forecasting, commissions and salaries and special projects.  Sally provides us with valuable support in all areas of finance and in liaising with our parent company in the US.”
Owner, TPI